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How To Make Your Dog Less Anxious At Bath Time

How To Make Your Dog Less Anxious At Bath Time

Many dogs dislike the process of being bathed. Some even run and hide at the mere mention of the B.A.T.H word. And having a dog with a bathing phobia makes life difficult for you and your pet.

But here at ZenCrate, we want every day-to-day experience with you and your canine companion to be anxiety-free. So here are some tips for making bath time a more enjoyable and easy process for both of you.

Start em’ young

Get your puppy comfortable with bath time right from the beginning. You can start by introducing him to running water – the sound and feel of it, then the sensation of having it poured over them. Positively encourage them the entire time. The earlier your pet is introduced to and becomes comfortable with the process, the easier life will be down the line for your pet and for you.

Take A Long Walk First

Your dog will be more relaxed and tired following a nice long walk and is less likely to fight the bathing process. In fact, she actually more likely to enjoy the sensation of the cooling water.

Be Positive

If you bring a positive attitude into the bathroom, your dog will feel your energy and is more likely to see it as a positive experience.

Use Warm Water

Try to keep the water not too hot or too cold as both can be a shock to your puppy. Aim for lukewarm.

Don’t drench your dog in water

Rather than drown your dog in water, which is likely to be a real shock to him, aim to get him completely wet, slowly. Use a pet shower Spray attachment or a plastic jug / cup to target water over specific parts of his body one at a time. And avoid pouring water over their head where it might get into their eyes and ears. Instead, use a washcloth for these sensitive areas.

Bring Treats To The Tub

You can make bath time fun and rewarding for your dog by bringing toys or treats into the tub with you. Rewarding your dog with treats throughout the process, or playing games with their favorite toys can keep them distracted and make the process a lot more enjoyable for you both.

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Jun 10, 2017 • Posted by Christine

We just recently rescued our newest addition and he seems to have anxiety over everything. Poor guy. I didn’t think to walk him before the bath. Makes sense when you stop and think about it. Thank you!

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