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Five Things To Know About Switching Your Dog To A Natural, Raw Food Diet

Five Things To Know About Switching Your Dog To A Natural, Raw Food Diet

In recent years there have been multiple pet food recalls and questions over the safety and quality of the food we feed to our pets. This has resulted in more and more people going in search of alternatives to mass produced animal foods.

This is the reason that Noah’s Bark was born. We learned that the healthier the food, the happier the dog. And ingredients make a BIG difference.

An all-natural, raw food pet diet usually consists of a combination of raw meat and bones, fruits, vegetables, grains as well as supplements and healthy treats like Noah’s Bark!

If you are considering ditching the kibble for a more whole foods diet approach for your pet, here are five things you should know:

Bye Bye Bad Stuff

Big pet food brands are full of potentially harmful fillers such as wheat, corn and soy, as well as added sugars, salt, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Many also contain animal by-products. Switching to an all-natural diet will remove these things from your dog’s bowl.

Transition Slowly

When introducing your dog to any new diet, it is a good idea to do it slowly. This will help avoid any digestive irritations and give you an opportunity to see what your dog does and does not like. Try mixing their current food with smaller amounts of raw food and increase over time, in turn decreasing the amount of kibble.

Do Not Feed List

Not all natural foods that humans consume are good for dogs. Educate yourself on the foods which your dog should absolutely NOT eat. These include onions, avocado, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolate, dairy products, gum and others.

Dental Benefits

Chewing on bones can be great for your dog’s dental hygiene which in turn is good for their overall health.


Feeding your dog a raw diet can be both time consuming and expensive. Before embarking on this change, be sure to calculate exactly how much your dog will need to eat every day and how much that will cost. Planning ahead when it comes to dog food preparation will make the process easier.

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May 14, 2017 • Posted by Gustafson Sid

A properly presented raw bone each day,
keeps the veterinarian away!

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