The Smart Anxiety Relief Dog Crate

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  • Proximity Sensor

    Proximity Sensor

    ZenCrate's proximity sensor is the key to helping manage your pets anxiety while not even being home! Your pet will now be able to take control of their own anxiety by entering and exiting the ZenCrate when they require.

    Proximity Sensor
  • Battery Backup

    Battery Backup

    One of the most important times to help control anxiety is during thunderstorms. Even if your house loses power the ZenCrate will continue to operate. Once the power is back on it will automatically charger the ZenCrate's internal battery.

    Battery Backup
  • Motion Activated Fan

    Motion Activated Fan

    Physical comfort is a very important aspect in helping control anxiety. The motion activated fan automatically turn on when your pet enters the ZenCrate and turns off when they leave.

    Motion Activated Fan

Get To Know The ZenCrate

We Care About Our Pets And The Environment!

ZenCrate - Smart Anxiety Relief Dog Crate
  • Pet Safety

    Each component of the ZenCrate has been meticulously chosen to provide a safe comfortable home for your loved one .
  • Made In America

    To ensure the highest quality we do not use any particle board or MDF. Our lumber is of the highest quality and meets all CARB 2 standards.
  • Eco Friendly

    We strive to be green! To ensure a quality environment for many generations to come. Our stain and polyurethane are both water-based which also has no fumes or off gassing.
  • Environmental Isolation

    Our custom designed feet are specifically design to isolate the ZenCrate from the low frequency vibrations of thunder and fireworks.
WiFi Enabled
Communicates with you via camera and email.
Furniture Grade
Stylish piece of furniture that helps soothe your dog’s anxiety.
Motion Activated Music
Plays soothing music, only when occupied.
"When my friend told me about the high-tech dog crate and how it works, I was instantly intrigued. The more I learn about the ZenCrate, the more excited I am about getting my hands on one and giving Dusty a safe and comfortable place while I’m gone."
"It couldn’t sound any better! A nice looking crate that soothes the anxiety of my dog? It’s just simple and smart. I’m excited about this new product like nothing else. The stylish crate will be a nice addition to our home that will serve such a great purpose! I want it TODAY!"
"I am SOOOO excited about this product’s launch and how it will help so many dogs. As a dog owner, it is very difficult to see my puppy, Peanut, go into a panic and shaking uncontrollably whenever there’s a thunderstorm. I can’t wait for Peanut to try it!"
"Every 4th of July and New Year's, without fail... my dog would hide in the closet because of the fireworks. He was so stressed out, I'd often have to leave a fan and music on for him in order to block out the fireworks. I really can't wait for the ZenCrate to be released."
"The ZenCrate really did help ease Bridgette’s anxiety. She is a very anxious dog in general. During storms, she would be curled up and asleep in it within 10 mins. Seeing that from a dog that would shake for hours during and after a storm is really relieving (for both of us!)."