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Five Things To Know About Switching Your Dog To A Natural, Raw Food Diet

Five Things To Know About Switching Your Dog To A Natural, Raw Food Diet

In recent years there have been multiple pet food recalls and questions over the safety and quality of the food we feed to our pets. This has resulted in more and more people going in search of alternatives to mass produced animal foods.

This is the reason that Noah’s Bark was born. We learned that the healthier the food, the happier the dog. And ingredients make a BIG difference.

An all-natural, raw food pet diet usually consists of a combination of raw meat and bones, fruits, vegetables, grains as well as supplements and healthy treats like Noah’s Bark!

If you are considering ditching the kibble for a more whole foods diet approach for your pet, here are five things you should know:

Bye Bye Bad Stuff

Big pet food brands are full of potentially harmful fillers such as wheat, corn and soy, as well as added sugars, salt, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Many also contain animal by-products. Switching to an all-natural diet will remove these things from your dog’s bowl.

Transition Slowly

When introducing your dog to any new diet, it is a good idea to do it slowly. This will help avoid any digestive irritations and give you an opportunity to see what your dog does and does not like. Try mixing their current food with smaller amounts of raw food and increase over time, in turn decreasing the amount of kibble.

Do Not Feed List

Not all natural foods that humans consume are good for dogs. Educate yourself on the foods which your dog should absolutely NOT eat. These include onions, avocado, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolate, dairy products, gum and others.

Dental Benefits

Chewing on bones can be great for your dog’s dental hygiene which in turn is good for their overall health.


Feeding your dog a raw diet can be both time consuming and expensive. Before embarking on this change, be sure to calculate exactly how much your dog will need to eat every day and how much that will cost. Planning ahead when it comes to dog food preparation will make the process easier.

How To Make Your Dog Less Anxious At Bath Time

How To Make Your Dog Less Anxious At Bath Time

Many dogs dislike the process of being bathed. Some even run and hide at the mere mention of the B.A.T.H word. And having a dog with a bathing phobia makes life difficult for you and your pet.

But here at ZenCrate, we want every day-to-day experience with you and your canine companion to be anxiety-free. So here are some tips for making bath time a more enjoyable and easy process for both of you.

Start em’ young

Get your puppy comfortable with bath time right from the beginning. You can start by introducing him to running water – the sound and feel of it, then the sensation of having it poured over them. Positively encourage them the entire time. The earlier your pet is introduced to and becomes comfortable with the process, the easier life will be down the line for your pet and for you.

Take A Long Walk First

Your dog will be more relaxed and tired following a nice long walk and is less likely to fight the bathing process. In fact, she actually more likely to enjoy the sensation of the cooling water.

Be Positive

If you bring a positive attitude into the bathroom, your dog will feel your energy and is more likely to see it as a positive experience.

Use Warm Water

Try to keep the water not too hot or too cold as both can be a shock to your puppy. Aim for lukewarm.

Don’t drench your dog in water

Rather than drown your dog in water, which is likely to be a real shock to him, aim to get him completely wet, slowly. Use a pet shower Spray attachment or a plastic jug / cup to target water over specific parts of his body one at a time. And avoid pouring water over their head where it might get into their eyes and ears. Instead, use a washcloth for these sensitive areas.

Bring Treats To The Tub

You can make bath time fun and rewarding for your dog by bringing toys or treats into the tub with you. Rewarding your dog with treats throughout the process, or playing games with their favorite toys can keep them distracted and make the process a lot more enjoyable for you both.

Awesome Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

Awesome Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

April 11th is National Pet Day and as animal lovers we love to look for fun, relaxing ways to celebrate with our furry family members. They bring us joy everyday, so why not do something special for them?

Here are a few fun ideas for how you can give your pup a special treat in honor of the annual celebration and we think you might enjoy them too!

Give Him A Massage

Dogs, like humans, are highly responsive to touch. But rather than a quick stroke or a pat on the head, why not give your pup a relaxing massage. Not only will this relax your dog, it is an amazing way to increase the bond between you. Plus, dogs respond well to aromatherapy oils, several of which can be used to ease any anxieties your dog might suffer with. Try lavender or Neroli.

Take your dog on a special walk

If you usually take the same dog walking route each day why not head out and explore somewhere that you don’t usually go. A new hiking trail, the dog beach or a new park. Your dog will love all the new sounds and smells, making new friends and getting to experience a new space.

Throw a Puppy Party

Invite a couple of canine friends over to your house or arrange a meet up at the park so your dogs can play together. Set up some fun games for them and maybe even arrange a special meal or treat.

Try a new activity

Like humans, dogs can get bored. And boredom can lead to destructive behaviors. So why not try a new activity with your pup? Doggy yoga, a swimming lesson, kayaking or paddle-boarding or even just time spent learning a new command or trick. Your dog will love the variety of doing something completely new and you are likely to enjoy the process too.  

How will you celebrate National Pet Day? Tell us in the comments and share your pics with us on Instagram and Facebook!