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Help Your Dog Have a Safe, Happy Fourth of July!

Help Your Dog Have a Safe, Happy Fourth of July!

These five tips can help you avoid pet-related mishaps this Independence Day!
The Fourth of July is one of the best holidays of the year with family, fun, food, and fireworks all part of the celebration. But what about your four footed friend? To a dog, a big noisy party may be a little bit overwhelming - and even a little risky! Here are a few good ways to help Spot or Fluffy get through the festivities safe and sound:
  1. Guard the grill or fire pit. It's all fun and games until fur gets singed! Keep dogs well away from the  BBQ in progress, and don't toss them tempting bites of burger - they might decide to grab their own tasty morsel with disastrous results.
  2. Tape down electrical cords. No-one wants to see what happens when the cord to cousin Joey's boom box gets wrapped around the ankles of a runaway schnauzer. Use duct tape to tape down cords running across concrete or decking to avoid dogs and kids tripping or getting tangled.
  3. Monitor the pool area. Sir Patrick Stewart's pit bulls may love to swim, but unless your pooch is a pro, treat them the same way you would a toddler and keep an eagle eye peeled.
  4. Keep an eye on the kiddos. Small children and strange dogs don't always mix - so if your dog isn't used to having his or her ears pulled or being used as a miniature pony, make sure to lay down rules for dog / kid interactions. 
  5. Watch for signs of over-stimulation or exhaustion. If your dog looks like they are at the end of their rope, make sure they have a quiet space to escape to before the fireworks begin and things really get rowdy. (Hint: a ZenCrate is an awesome solution!)
Following these five tips can help your dog make it through the fourth without becoming a frenzied bundle of fur. Give your pet the gift of a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!


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