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What is ZenCrate?

ZenCrate is a scientifically proven, computer controlled, homeopathic pet-administered, smart crate for dogs with anxiety.

How can the ZenCrate help calm my dog?

Using a proprietary combination of sensors, the ZenCrate automatically detects when your pet goes inside the crate and immediately begins active ventilation and playing calming music selected based on research studies. The acoustics of the enclosure are designed to reduce external sounds such as thunder and fire works. The reduced light exposure and confined geometry of the enclosure also help produce a calming effect. Lastly, the design includes vibration damping technology to reduce the physical vibrations from outside thunder or fireworks.

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How do I assemble the ZenCrate?

Not only does the ZenCrate required zero tools to assemble, it can be done by a single person in under 5 minutes! Check out this quick video of the very first production ZenCrate being assembled – with NO tools!  

How big is the ZenCrate?

The ZenCrate will accommodate most dogs up to about 90 lbs. If you’re wondering if this stylish piece of smart doggy furniture will fit in your living room, here are the dimensions:

Can I adjust the music volume?

The ZenCrate comes ready to use. All you need to do is plug it in and turn on the switch! We have developed a mobile app to control other features such as on/off/auto modes and audio controls for toggling the music settings and sound levels.

Where can I learn more about ZenCrate?

Take a look around our site and our blog as we are constantly updating information and adding more details about ZenCrate and pet anxiety. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter, by clicking the link below, to gain exclusive access to ZenCrate updates. Of course, you can always contact us by email, chat or phone as well.

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Does the ZenCrate show imperfections in the wood?

The ZenCrate is made from 100% real hardwood that not only creates a beautiful piece of furniture but also gives each ZenCrate a unique look of their own! Real hardwood shows natural grain and knots in the wood that many customers prefer.

Do you have recommendations for getting a dog to use the ZenCrate?

When introducing a new environment such as the ZenCrate, it can take time for some dogs to associate the new space as a safe and welcoming place to retreat. The following are suggestions some of our experts have identified in helping in the process :)

-Place a tee shirt or small blanket with the scent of the dog’s owner inside the ZenCrate. This can help reassure your pup that the ZenCrate is a safe place to go.

-Give your pup strong words of encouragement and praise to reinforce that he or she is doing something good by entering their ZenCrate. What's rewarded is repeated!

-Use a new special treat/food as a reward when your pup goes into the ZenCrate.

-Do not force your pup into the ZenCrate; let them come and go as they please. Allow your pup to set the pace for how and when he or she wants to explore and use the ZenCrate.

- Spend a little time with your dog playing and sitting near the ZenCrate.

-Place toys and treats in front of the door of the ZenCrate. This will allow your dog to begin to approach the ZenCrate and check it out without being nervous about having to go inside. Once your dog seems comfortable with the outer space, begin placing the treats and toys inside the ZenCrate, and slowly place them farther into the crate over time. This tactic allows the dog to become acclimated to the space slowly with little pressure.

-Aromatherapy can be very calming for humans and pets alike! Lavender or other essential oils can be used along with the ZenCrate to help create a Zen experience.