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Awesome Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

Awesome Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

April 11th is National Pet Day and as animal lovers we love to look for fun, relaxing ways to celebrate with our furry family members. They bring us joy everyday, so why not do something special for them?

Here are a few fun ideas for how you can give your pup a special treat in honor of the annual celebration and we think you might enjoy them too!

Give Him A Massage

Dogs, like humans, are highly responsive to touch. But rather than a quick stroke or a pat on the head, why not give your pup a relaxing massage. Not only will this relax your dog, it is an amazing way to increase the bond between you. Plus, dogs respond well to aromatherapy oils, several of which can be used to ease any anxieties your dog might suffer with. Try lavender or Neroli.

Take your dog on a special walk

If you usually take the same dog walking route each day why not head out and explore somewhere that you don’t usually go. A new hiking trail, the dog beach or a new park. Your dog will love all the new sounds and smells, making new friends and getting to experience a new space.

Throw a Puppy Party

Invite a couple of canine friends over to your house or arrange a meet up at the park so your dogs can play together. Set up some fun games for them and maybe even arrange a special meal or treat.

Try a new activity

Like humans, dogs can get bored. And boredom can lead to destructive behaviors. So why not try a new activity with your pup? Doggy yoga, a swimming lesson, kayaking or paddle-boarding or even just time spent learning a new command or trick. Your dog will love the variety of doing something completely new and you are likely to enjoy the process too.  

How will you celebrate National Pet Day? Tell us in the comments and share your pics with us on Instagram and Facebook!


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