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How to Create The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Playlist for your Dog

How to Create The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Playlist for your Dog

Does your pet experience anxiety? The next time you’re trying to calm your beloved fur baby, consider music. It may be the secret you’re looking for.

Humans and animals alike both experience many benefits from listening to music. We as humans listen to music for a vast range of different reasons and moods: when we’re happy, sad, excited. So why shouldn’t our pets?

Since our furry friends hear at a much high frequency, it’s important to choose songs that are calming. Research conducted from music producer and sound researcher Joshua Leeds found that animals, like humans, are able to develop an emotional response to music.

During his studies Leeds introduced over 85 kenneled shelter dogs to music; the pooches listened to classical music, as well as a specialized genre of classical music incorporating solo instruments and soothing tempos. Leeds found that more than 70 percent of the dogs were instantly more relaxed than they were before the dog-specific classical music.

Think Calm and Soothing: When choosing the ultimate anti-anxiety playlist for your pets, think calming and soothing sounds. Avoid including any aggressive heavy metal or techno music, as that can create more anxiety for your pets.

Take Notes: Don’t assume that your pets like the same music as you. The best way to create the ultimate anti-anxiety playlist for your dog is to start out by sitting in a quiet room with your pets. Start by playing simple and soothing tones and see how your dog reacts, it’s important to take note of specific sounds and songs that your pet enjoys, as well as to observe what they do not enjoy.

Try Spotify: If you’re looking for a place to start, try Spotify. Spotify has a variety of playlists geared towards calming your animals. One of our favorite Spotify anti-anxiety playlists is Relax My Dog. This playlist includes traditional songs, such as anti-stress piano music, and sounds found in nature. Spotify can be a great way to assess what types of songs and sounds your pup prefers.

So grab your dog, snuggle up in your favorite, most relaxing spot and start learning and creating your pet’s very own ultimate anti-anxiety playlist, customized specifically to their tastes and needs.

Does your pup have a favorite song or playlist? We want to know! Share in the comments below!


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