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The Best Dog Crate Furniture and End Table

The Best Dog Crate Furniture and End Table

If you have a dog in your home, you have probably been faced with the dilemma of where to put its crate. Whether you are crate training a new puppy or you know that your dog needs a secure and comfortable place to call its own, a crate is a critical piece of equipment for your pet. That doesn’t mean that you have to opt for one of those bulky, metal crates that takes up too much space and stands out in your home. There’s a modern dog crate alternative — one that resembles more of an indoor luxury dog house or dog den than an industrial metal crate. The ZenCrate is the best safe doggie space & ultimate dog crate furniture. If you have searched for dog crates that look like furniture, your search is over!

The Dog Crate End Table That Suits Your Home Perfectly

It takes time, energy, and effort to find the perfect interior design of your home. You go to great lengths to pick out the right paint color, and you invest your time choosing flooring that improves the comfort and look of your home. The furniture should be the right fit for the space and your lifestyle, and you’re proud of the way that it looks. So why let a dog crate take away from the aesthetic you worked so hard to create?


Instead of choosing the traditional dog crate, which can be cold and uncomfortable for your pet, consider opting for a decorative dog crate end table. This cool indoor dog house offers similar functionality of typical dog crates, but it’s a better fit for your home decor and interior design plan. The ZenCrate looks like a luxury dog house, but it’s meant for indoors, and it functions as a dog crate end table also. This beautiful wood dog crate gives your dog a space in the living area where they can seek comfort and solace, without forcing you to compromise the appearance of your room.

The Fancy Wood Dog Crate They Call The ZENCRATE

The ZenCrate has a neutral color scheme that fits perfectly with any type of home decor. Whether you prefer the cool tones of white, gray and black, or your home is decorated in the earth shades of taupe, ivory and brown, you will find that the ZenCrate is the ideal addition to your space as an intelligent end table dog crate. This indoor dog kennel was created not only with pets in mind, but also with their human families who want to keep them comfortable without adding clutter to their home.


The ZenCrate’s Noteworthy Aesthetics

More and more pet owners are looking for dog crates that look like furniture. They want their pets to be an integral part of their home, but they don’t always want to keep a large, metal crate in the living room. It looks out of place, and it can interrupt the flow of the room. The ZenCrate is the perfect alternative. This beautiful, decorative dog crate can function as a dog crate end table. Here are a few noteworthy features to consider:

  • Wood Exterior — The wood exterior of the ZenCrate is designed to complement any type of existing furniture that you have in your home. This indoor dog den features a dark wood, making it the perfect piece of accent furniture for any room. Whether you prefer your pet’s crate to stay in your bedroom or in your living area, the ZenCrate will be the right fit.
  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Plush Bed — The orthopedic memory foam plush bed is not only comfortable for your dog, but it’s also a charming neutral color which will not clash with your existing furniture. Its taupe finish offers the right touch, giving your pet the comfort it needs while also completing the design of the ZenCrate.
  • End Table Design — This decorative dog crate is a similar shape to an end table, allowing you to turn your ZenCrate into a multi-functional piece of equipment. Its design provides your pet with security, but it also gives you the opportunity to utilize the crate as a piece of furniture within your home. You can place a lamp, photo frame and coaster on top, and the room will be complete — for both you and your dog.

The Most Intelligent End Table Dog Crate

While fancy or luxury dog houses are cool, and are the perfect addition to any home, the ZenCrate boast additional benefits for you and your dog to make it like nothing else. The ZenCrate is also a holistic anxiety remedy for your dog. When dogs experience fear or stress, they are not always able to cope with this anxiety on their own — particularly if they are alone. If your dog experiences separation anxiety or noise sensitivity, you know how miserable it is for your pet when it feels scared or anxious.

The ZenCrate uses the latest technology to provide your pet with the relief it needs. It is able to sense when your dog has entered the crate through proximity sensors (similar to the kind you’d find on your car’s bumpers) and it will begin playing soothing music to help calm your pet down. The wooden exterior helps to block light from entering the crate, which adds additional comfort for your dog. Vibration dampening technology also prevents your pet from feeling the loud, nerve-wracking vibrations that occur during thunderstorms or fireworks displays. In addition, the ZenCrate offers a Wi-Fi camera add-on for pet parents who want to keep a watchful eye on their furbaby while they are away.

This modern dog crate will complement your existing decor, but also provide your pet with a secure spot at any time of the day. No longer will your pet have to feel isolated and alone when they experience anxiety. Your dog can access the ZenCrate whenever it needs to, and will instantly receive the comfort and security it needs. To find out more information about this innovative and gorgeous dog crate furniture, which is also a high-tech, anti-anxiety den for your dog, visit the ZenCrate website for more information.


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