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Charger's Tips for Keeping Pets Safe at Halloween

Charger's Tips for Keeping Pets Safe at Halloween

Hi everyone! Did you ever see a jester with a lion cut before? I’m Charger and I have a special message this week for Halloween. This time of year can be really fun for families, but for us pets, it can be a nightmare. After 4th July, Halloween is the scariest time of year for pets. Here are my tips for keeping pets safe at Halloween.

  1. Costumes I love to dress up and play lots of different parts! Not all pets like to wear costumes though. It might look adorable to you, but your buddy may feel restricted or frightened at a time when stress is already high. It could be too tight or pulling our fur. Bottom line, don’t force us to wear a costume. If we appear distressed in any way, take it off.
  2. Trick-or-Treating - Halloween is probably the busiest night of the year for the doorbell. Some of us doggies get very stressed when there are visitors at the door. Keep us in a safe room with the door closed so we don’t bolt out the door. I’ll be in a room with my ZenCrate to keep me calm. If you do take us out tick-or treating with you, understand that we may be stressed and unpredictable.
  3. Goodies - candies and chocolate are not good for us! Ever. We can be poisoned by chocolate and xylitol. Even if it does not have these nasty things, we eat so much candy that we get very sick and need a trip to the ER. It’s best to tell your kids not to share their candy with us too and make sure they know why.
  4. Scary Decorations - be careful not to leave us unattended with jack-o’-lanterns and candles. We might be tempted to stick our noses in and knock them over, creating a fire hazard. Fake cobwebs, spiders and bats can be very enticing. To make sure we don’t choke on things like this, keep them high up, out of our reach. Or don’t have them in the house at all.
  5. Keep us Indoors - many tragedies have happened with pets at Halloween. Pets have been teased, injured and even killed just for fun. Keep your pet indoors, safe from pranksters and predators.
  6. Fireworks - the big one for most of us. Again, it’s so important to keep us safe in a closed room in the house. During fireworks, we might get scared and try to run away. If possible, make a special place for your pet to feel safe in. An enclosed space is best, with a favorite blanket, soothing music if possible. Close all windows and secure cat flaps. Stay calm and don’t try to coax a pet out if they hide. My ZenCrate is the perfect place for this as it insulated against sound and vibrations whilst playing me soothing music.

We want you and your furry friends to have fun this year! Is your dog afraid of fireworks strangers or loud noises? What do you do to calm your pets at Halloween?

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Charger's Tips for Keeping Pets Safe at Halloween


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