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Charger the Movie Star

Charger the Movie Star

Hello furiends! Today I’m in the lab with dad and were working on getting the ZenCrate ready for launch in the new year!

Big news this week! I’m a movie star. Dad created an animation video, for his product ZenCrate with me as the star. We each go through struggles and have our highs and lows, my struggle has always been thunder and loud noises. In the case of these struggles this invention has helped me to overcome them and essentially made me the star of my own life. The definition of “star” is a fixed, luminous point, that is a definition I haven't always been able to relate to.  Pretty soon, you’ll be able to tell all your friends that you knew me before I was famous, BOL! I don't really want to be famous, I just want to help others star shine brightly like mine is today. 

Everyone who knows me from my blog and Facebook page Charger the Guide Dog, knows that this is my life's mission. There are many dogs like me working on their mission daily, a couple of my favorites include Ricochet the Surfice dog, Norbert and Arbor the GO Vegas dog. It is so rewarding to see others surf the waves of their lives to success. My favorite quote I shared this week is “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” this quote is from Hafiz of Shiraz. This quote has a lot of meaning to me, it says even when we are feeling low our light or star is shining bright. At times we don't have the courage but given work and time we can get to a place where we ourselves can see our star and most importantly feel it.

My New Animated Video

The new video shows me in animation during a thunderstorm. Florida, where we live, seems to have thunder storms way too often in my opinion. As in real life, in the video animation I head into my ZenCrate to hide away from the thunder. The ZenCrate is really clever and knows when I’ve entered which then calms me as it plays soothing music.  It also has special feet that dampen the sound vibrations made from many of my least favorite things such as thunder and fireworks. 

This invention is my favorite product on the market to help me overcome my anxiety. We tried everything, from aromatherapy to Thunder Shirt to long hugs, but nothing worked until dad made me the ZenCrate. He built it through researching and testing advice on dealing with dog anxiety issues. I was Charger the Guinea Pig for a while but hey, he found the right solution. The ZenCrate will be available for all pets with anxiety in early 2016. Dad want’s to get it just right first. Find out more here. So here’s the video you’ve all been waiting for:

Shiba Shake is a cool dog care website I found white pawing through the internet. This blog post tells you how to spot the different dog anxiety problems. All of the suggestions listed are similar to those that dad and I tried and researched when creating the ZenCrate. Some of them, we incorporated into the design.

The ZenCrate is not only for anxious dogs like me. It can also be used like a normal dog crate for training purposes. We could do with an extra one in our house. My brother Chio who is now just over 11 weeks old needs some training. I do love him really, he just wears me out sometimes.

If you would like to see my daily updates and lots of pics of me and my baby brother, head over to Facebook to like my page. I love meeting new friends and hear about other pets with anxiety issues. Do you have a pet with anxiety issues? Feel free to share your stories below. Sign up to my newsletter right on this page!


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