WiFi Enabled

Communicates with you via camera and email.

Motion Activated Music

Plays soothing music, only when occupied.

Furniture Grade

Stylish piece of furniture that helps soothe your dog’s anxiety.

An Engineer’s Solution to Dog Anxiety

Approximately 32 million dogs in the U.S. suffer from separation anxiety or anxiety caused by thunderstorms or fireworks. The delicate blend of design, materials, music, noise canceling, vibration dampening and comfort makes the ZenCrate very effective in soothing dog anxiety.

More Features Than a Home Security System


It’s So Much More Than Just a Fancy Dog Den

Not only does our smart dog crate look like a stylish piece of furniture, but it also helps soothe your dog’s anxiety while giving your buddy a comfortable and safe place to retreat.

What People Are Saying About ZenCrate

We're excited about The ZenCrate, but don't just take it from us, here's what others are saying!


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